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U.S. Fringe producers’ meeting

Okay, so we’ve been a little terrible about updating our staff blog since the festival ended in August. And by “we,” I mean “I.” Apologies, people, learn to accept them.

So! Jeff Larson (our Production and Sponsorship Director), Robin Gillette (our Executive Director) and I (our Communications Director) went to Washington, D.C., last weekend for a meeting open to United States Fringe producers/staff. Hosted by the Capital Fringe, also present were Orlando, Kansas City, New York City, Woodstock (N.Y.), New Orleans and NYC’s Frigid Festival. There are actually loads more U.S. Fringes out there, but not everyone could come (sad!).

Three days of brainstorming and comparing and contrasting the inner workings of our worlds were kind of a lot of fun. The meeting was at Capital Fringe’s HQ, a gigantor building that was a restaurant for years and years and years (and had the rat problems to prove it… Jeff’s counterpart in D.C., Scott, was also in charge of the rats… their removal, not as their political leader or anything).

Mostly, the discussion would have bored anyone who isn’t employed as a higher-level Fringe staff member somewhere in the U.S., so I’ll skip details. But the three of us representing Minnesota walked away with many interesting ideas to steal adopt from our festival-organizing brethren. Fringolution: watch for it! Continue reading