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Final slide shows and props from NoDak

The slide shows from Day 11 and the closing-night rager at First Ave are up. W00t.

And the Bismarck (N.D.) Tribune has an exceedingly lovely story about the Fringe show “My War.”


Other numbery goodness and Fringe in the news

So! Many of us on the Fringe staff love numbers, and we’ve been crunching them the last few days. Here are some to mull over. (The first number, the percentage, is the total percentage of capacity including the Encore. The second number—avg house—is the average number of tickets issued in that venue per performance.)

Overall – 31.9% cap, avg house 50.6
Bryant-Lake Bowl – 67.5% cap, avg house 55.4
Interact – 42.6% cap, avg house 23.0
Intermedia – 28.3% cap, avg house 32.5
Lab – 23.7 % cap, avg house 47.9
Theatre Garage – 36.4% cap, avg house 41.9
Mixed Blood – 18.1% cap, avg house 36.1
Playwrights’ Center – 34.5% cap, avg house 25.9
Ritz – 28.3% cap, avg house 63.6
Southern – 18.4% cap, avg house 36.8
Jeune Lune – 28.1% cap, avg house 62.6
Rarig Arena – 29.3% cap, avg house 58.3
Rarig Proscenium – 18.0% cap, avg house 75.8
Rarig Thrust – 25.5% cap, avg house 117.5
Rarig Xperimental – 49.2% cap, avg house 34.5

And here it is by some other measures Robin found interesting:

Rarig overall – 30.5% capacity
Fringe Encores – 33% capacity
Out-of-towners – 28.1% capacity
BYOVs – 44.3% capacity

And here are some Fringe in the news links:

Fringe in the news for August 7


If you’re not reading Leigha Horton’s blog, you really should. She has bunches of interviews up with Fringers—including the folks from “American Sexy,” “Audish” and standing-in-line audio clips.

A few years back when we did podcasts, Leigha was our Voice of the Fringe and is a Fringe veteran in her own right.*


*Full disclosure: Through the Ministry of Cultural Warfare, which Leigha run together. Leigha and I go back 8 years to Fringe 2000. She’s not in a show this year, so she’s blogging mightily.

More MTV… Matt Peiken Television!

Video #2 and video #3 of Matt Peiken’s video coverage for Mpls.St.Paul Magazine!

I especially love how Mike Fotis sort of glances over at the very top of #3 all, like, “What’s goin’ on? Oh, a camera. I will casually walk away now.”


Fringe in the news for August 1 (video edition)

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine has their first video installment featuring Matt Peiken—and he found a souvenir!

PiPress reviews up!

And at such a cute URL:

Love it, Web people in St. Paul. LOVE IT.

And they have four categories this year: “Must See,” “Worth Considering,” “Could be Worse” and “Avoid like the Plague.”

A humble suggestion: Replace “Avoid like a Mild Head Cold, the Kind Where You’re Not Sick Enough to Stay Home but Feeling Just Cruddy Enough to Space Out in front of All Day at Your Desk” next year. Because that makes sense to Minnesotans. The plague, we don’t have so much.