Daily Fringe #6

Minnesota Fringe
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You see it at museums, theme parks and fairs. After a long day of fun, eventually kids (and occasionally husbands) have had so much sensory overload that they just can't handle it anymore. It's the Three O'Clock Meltdown and you can recognize it by:

  • Standing in the middle of crowds, shouting while the parent talks quietly but firmly.
  • Stamping of feet.
  • The key phrase: "I'm not tired!"

Since most Fringe days start after three, it's not a daily problem (especially since the time it would occur is prime time at Fringe Central, with its tasty selection of Summit Beers). But after six days of theater, with five big days to go, your brain may be so full of awesomeness that you'll feel like you're on your fifth bowl of Saturday Morning Sugar Bombs. After all, you're hearing about all these great shows, but it's impossible to see them all! Aaaaaaaaaargh!

Relax. You've got five more days to catch the shows you need to see. Talk to your friends, check out the nearly 1,300 audience reviews, get news from our Fringe blog and find out what you really want to see, not what you "need" to see. But the main thing to remember is to have fun at the Fringe. Because otherwise we are marching right back to the car and going home right now, mister!

Your pals,
Bill and Matt

Photo du jour

06 Photo

"EMISSARY'S N.O.W." presented by Emissary. (Photo: Dave Stagner)

Fringe Central
at Bedlam

TONIGHT @ 9:30 p.m.: Dreamland Faces

TOMORROW @ Midnight: Late-night DJ (dancey, dancey)

Friday + Saturday: General havoc, mucking about and cavorting

$3 Summit pints during Bedlam Social happy hour (4-7 p.m. and 11 p.m.-2 a.m.) with six yummy Summits on tap and food service 'til close

Get the complete schedule


Present Summit


Today: 20% chance o' storms, 84°. Night: Partly cloudy, 62°.

Tomorrow: Why did we even put this in this year?

Friday: The weather hasn't just been perfect, it's been the same day in and day out.

Saturday: It's like living in Los Angeles or Hawaii or somewhere where citrus litters the streets.

Fringe in the news


Drawing winners!

Day 6 winners: Okay, so we've been really fancy about putting the names in the daily... And they were drawn last night. It's just that... we forgot to write them down and take them home after trivia at Fringe Central. Which was an utter success, by the way. So totally a new tradition. We'll announce last night's winners (and tonight's winners) tomorrow. Promise.

Stop by Fringe Central to put your name in the hat (or the, uh, box) to win coffee, an Equal Exchange gift basket or the Ultra Prize: Two '09 Ultra Passes and two season tickets to the Guthrie! (Drawing's on Sun., Aug. 10. Stop by Fringe Central to sign up and check out the rules.)

P.S. Here's your Easter Egg for the day.


One response to “Daily Fringe #6

  1. I went to see Emissionary N.O.W. Excellent dancing!!! I loved the mellow jazz tones and the gentleman who did the spoken word, his voice was golden. Thank you for a lovely performance.

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