Daily Fringe #5

Minnesota Fringe

Take note: Live Action Set, presenting "Deviants," has cancelled tonight's 7 p.m. performance due to injury. So far the remaining shows will run as scheduled.

Daily Fringe #5

From what we saw Monday, things are hopping! Of course, that fits with the 10 percent ticket increase we saw on opening weekend. And the now nearly 1,100+ audience reviews. Yay!

This year, the venues are grouped close together, many within walking distance. Heck, the Rarig has four theaters in the same building! So, consider the idea of walking, biking, or taking Mass Transit to the Fringe. Some tools to help:

Get walking directions on Google Maps: For example, Rarig to the Southern is just ten little minutes.

MetroTransit's NexTrip gives you up to the minute info on where the next bus is, in addition to a search function that will help you plan your route.

Biking! The Fringe program has suggested bike routes. MetroTransit buses and trains have bike racks that allow you to get to more distant venues and bring your bike along.

So very Fringe green!

Your pals,
Bill and Matt

A special request: On Saturday, an artists at Rarig misplaced a MiniDV videotape of her performance. The tape is small, in a clear plastic case and clearly labeled "Fringe 08." If you happen upon it, just drop it off to at a box office. Thanks!

Photo du jour

05 Photo

"(life seed)" presented by Nic Hager at the Lab Theater. (Photo: Brad Dahlgaard)

Fringe Central
at Bedlam

TONIGHT @ 11 p.m.: Fringe-themed pub-style trivia

TOMORROW @ 9:30 p.m.: Dreamland Faces

$3 Summit pints during Bedlam Social happy hour (4-7 p.m. and 11 p.m.-2 a.m.) with six yummy Summits on tap and food service 'til close

Get the complete schedule


Present Summit


Today: Mostly sunny, 86°. Night: Mostly clear, 61°.

Tomorrow: Ditto.

Thursday: Ditto.

"Three Muses (Fringe)"

Bid on the prints at eBay.

Local artist, Visible Fringe alumnus and friend of us all John Largaespada has graciously donated four digital prints to Fringe. John specializes in photoillustrations that are a little strange, a little haunting and entirely fascinating. And he's interpreted the now-famous Fringe kitty:

05 Largaespada

Their names are (from the left in the larger print): Pumpkin Seed, Bobo and Boo.


Drawing winners!

Day 5 winners: Alex Franzen, Melissa Markes and Karen Goneau. (Even if you win a pound of coffee in the daily drawing, you're still eligible for the other prizes on Sunday. Yay!)

Stop by Fringe Central to put your name in the hat (or the, uh, box) to win coffee, an Equal Exchange gift basket or the Ultra Prize: Two '09 Ultra Passes and two season tickets to the Guthrie! (Drawing's on Sun., Aug. 10. Stop by Fringe Central to sign up and check out the rules.)

P.S. Here's your Easter Egg for the day. Just in case you need a Fringe date.

P.P.S. Here's another one you've probably seen. We've had it stuck in our heads for a few days. Need to get it out.


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