Daily Fringe #2

Minnesota Fringe

Hey everyone—
Before we get the Daily started, we just wanted to take a moment to remember the anniversary of the I-35W bridge collapse. Like everyone in Minnesota, our thoughts aren't far from the families who lost so much.
—The Fringe staff

Daily Fringe #2

Well, did you find it? Did you go to opening night, took a chance on a show you knew nothing about (other than the show descriptions in our handy Fringe program)? Did you find Your Secret Surprise of the Fringe, the one you get to tell everyone about over drinks at Fringe Central?* Yay!

But even if you didn't find it last night, you've got the first Fringe Weekend ahead of you to find it. There's a whole buncha shows that have their opening performances, so pick out a handful, write an online review, then scurry over afterwards and talk them up at Fringe Central.

You, yes, you have a chance to become the greatest authority at Fringe '08: Somebody I Heard Talking About This!

Your pals,
Bill and Matt

* "Fringe Central: It's Like Putting the Fringe in Your Mouth!"**
**Robin: "When I asked for a different motto, what I meant was a different, good motto."

Stop at Fringe Central and win!

Every day at Fringe Central, we're holding three drawings for a delicious pound of Equal Exchange coffee. Yum!

But that's not all... On Sunday, August 11 (the closing day of the festival), we're holding a drawing for two great prizes.

Rush Prize: An Equal Exchange gift basket with all sorts of lovely things...

Ultra Prize: Two Ultra Passes to the '09 Fringe and two season tickets to the Guthrie!

Yuh-huh. A drawing that'll take care of lots of your 2009 theater-going needs in one handy swoop.

Stop by Fringe Central and toss your name in! Winners will be announced daily and—if you win a daily coffee prize—you're still eligible for the Rush and Ultra Prizes. (Although if you work for the Fringe or are on our board or are related to any of them, you're not eligible. And you don't have to buy anything in order to win.)

Fringe Central
at Bedlam

TOMORROW @ Noon-3 p.m.: Kids' Fringe ice cream social

TOMORROW @ 10 p.m.: Opening weekend party—our very own quinceañera!

Monday 8/4 @ 7 and 10 p.m.: 48 Hour Film Project special screening: The Best of Minneapolis 2008

$3 Summit pints during Bedlam Social happy hour (4-7 p.m. and 11 p.m.-2 a.m.) with six yummy Summits on tap and food service 'til close

Get the complete schedule


Present Summit




Today: Sunny and warm, 85°. Mostly clear tonight, low 60°.

Saturday: Mostly sunny with a 40% chance of thunderstorms at night. High: 89°. Low: 69°.

Sunday: Partly sunny and warm. High: 90°. 30% chance of thunderstorms at night. Low: 71°.

Photo du jour

Photo du jour

"Ophelia" presented by Studio Zero at Interact (Photo: Jeff Larson)


Fringe in the news

vita.mn: Tons of coverage... Start here.

Twin Cities Daily Planet: The Fringe is here!: Meet the bloggers

The Rake: Fringe Me Baby, 156 More Times!

The Rake: Fozzie Bear Giving It to Miss Piggy (photo may not be entirely safe for work): A round-up from the out-of-towners' showcase

Star Tribune: Dancing their way to the Fringe

Minneapolis Metblog: Fringe report: July 31: Erica's roundup o' Fringe

For the latest updates, visit the Fringe staff blog, updated multiple times throughout the day.

P.S. Here's your Easter Egg for the day. Our favorite local non-arts-related blog.


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