Schedule changes (heads up, everyone!)

Last-minute changes, people! If you get an advance copy of the program, you’ll need to know this. (The program that’s inserted into the City Pages on Wednesday will have everything correct, tho’.) So! The drop outs are:

  • “A Couple of What” presented by Rainbow Roast at Intermedia Arts
  • “La Serva Padrona” presented by Teatro d’Amici at Theatre de la Jeune Lune
  • “Don’t Worry Be Sad! – Living the Hungarian Dream” presented by Baby in the Box at Interact Center

But because Fringe artists have enough sheer force of will to make mere mortals cry and enough creativity to make metal bend, we have replacements!

“No Stranger than Home” presented by Katherine Glover. Queer Content, Solo, Spoken Word. A pleading memory from a former guerrilla. Grammatical mistakes in the language of international love. The culture shock of a two-family childhood. And other stories of the foreign and the familiar, both here and abroad. WARNING: Adult Language

  • Fri 8/1 – 8:30p
  • Sat 8/2 – 10:00p
  • Sun 8/3 – 2:30p
  • Wed 8/6 – 10:00p
  • Sun 8/10 – 1:00p
  • Intermedia Arts

“The Spaceman Chronicles” presented by Sanguine Theatre. Comedy. Citizen Craig Web attempts the impossible: space travel without all that fire. A comedy concerning the outer limits of human achievement.

  • Th 7/31 – 5:30p
  • Fri 8/1 – 7p
  • Sat 8/9 – 2:30p
  • Sun 8/10 – 5:30p
  • Theatre de la Jeune Lune

“Alone and Testifying” presented by Loren Niemi and Howard Lieberman. Political, Spoken Word, World Premier. There are wondrous tales to be told – the ubiquitous Loren Niemi is joined by storyteller-performance artist, Howard Lieberman, for a fast ride – true or not – through the world of wonders. Each performance is unique and drawn from their storied lives. WARNING: Adult Language.

  • Sat 8/2 – 10:00
  • Sun 8/3 – 5:30
  • Mon 8/4 – 8:30
  • Fri 8/8 – 8:30
  • Sat 8/9 – 2:30
  • Interact Center



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